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Introducing Bandon Co-op’s Dairy Primer Range

Posted on: 21 Nov 2016

Farmers are now specifically focusing on preparing for 2017 lactation and the development of the future herd.  With this in mind we have redeveloped our Dairy Primer Range and have formulated a high quality 24 Month Replacement Heifer along with an improved Pre-Calver Ration, both of which have been specifically formulated to optimise production in future lactations.

24 Month Replacement Heifer

Formerly known as Super Replacement Heifer Rearer, this NEW AND IMPROVED 24 Month Replacement Heifer is now available!

Specifically designed for the farmer looking for maximum performance and achievement of key milestones necessary to calve down from 22 to 26 months of age, this ration is specially aimed at Dairy Replacement in the first winter feeding period.  

  • Achieves maximum skeleton growth and body condition before breeding, without laying down excessive fat in the developing mammary glands.
  • High levels of calcium and phosphorus encourage bone growth and development, building the future frame for the future herd.
  • Contains high levels of essential minerals and vitamins to ensure a level plane of intake in the lead-up to breeding.
  • Available in both cube and coarse feeds.

Pre-Calver Ration:

A high energy pre-calver ration that will promote maximum production right throughout the lactation.  The feeding of a pre-calver ration before calving will prime the dry cow’s rumen for milk production, ensure it is adapted to the feeding of concentrates, reduce the risk of metabolic diseases and promote higher intakes post calving.

  • 16% high quality protein
  • High cereal starch level to prime the rumen for lactation
  • Includes high-spec pre-calver minerals and vitamins
  • Available in both coarse and cube form
  • Can be formulated for 2kg’s or 4kg’s feeding
  • Stimulates appetite to increase DMI post calving
  • Helps promote ruminal papillae development to increase the absorption of volatile fatty acids post calving.

Contact your local rep or 023 8829024 for more information.

Bandon Co-op also have a comprehensive range of feeds all farm feeding situations.