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New Grass Seeds Mixtures for 2016 now available

Posted on: 12 Apr 2016

New Grass Seeds Mixtures for 2016 now available

Bandon Co-op's High Yielding Certified Grass Seed Mixtures 2016:

Brochure now available from your local Retail Centre or Agri Mill!

Our mixtures are available to purchase from the following:

  • Kilbrogan Mill                                  023 884 1985
  • Kilbrogan Retail Centre                  023 882 9000
  • Kinsale Retail Centre                      021 4774080
  • Enniskeane Retail Centre               023 8847866

Bandon Co-op has a comprehensive range of grass seed mixtures to suit almost all  farm situations but should you require any special mixes or further information please contact our Agri Division at 023 8829024 or email us at You can also contact our sales team directly:

  • Denis O’Driscoll (087 1840830)
  • Colman Foley (087 3884444)
  • Tim Hurley (087 6137435)        
  • Billy Heffernan (087 1490054)

Our varieties have been formulated in conjunction with our local Teagasc advisors and the latest Teagasc Pasture Profit Index (PPI) 2016.
The Importance of PPI:
The Pasture Profit Index is designed as a guide to assist in variety selection when planning to reseed. Variety selection may depend on the intended grazing management to be practiced (e.g. grazing, silage, etc). All data used in the compilation of the Index has been generated from data within the Simulated Grazing (frequent cutting) protocol in the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) Recommended List Trials.

Our range includes:

1. Intensive Silage Mixture – 2 Cut Silage
                                             HEADING DATES
Intermediate Diploid                 May 24th              3.5kgs          Rosetta
Intermediate Tetraploid            May 28th              5.0kgs          Seagoe
Intermediate Diploid                 May 31st              3.5kgs          Abermagic
• These are excellent for silage in the new Teagasc – Pasture Profit Index 2016.
• It is required to cut before 24th May.
• Early cutting will give higher quality and better 2nd cut yield.
• A perfect combination of high yielding and highly persistent silage grasses.
• Compact heading dates for the three varieties – important in silage swards.
• Ideally suited to a two cut silage cycle.
• Rosetta is highest in its class for dry matter production scoring 92.
• Abermagic is highest in its class in Summer and Autumn production for
dry matter production scoring 50 and 63 respectively.
• As a silage variety, Seagoe is the highest in its class scoring 37.

2. Intensive Grazing Mixture no Clover
                                             HEADING DATES
Late Diploid                             June 7th            3.0kgs             Drumbo
Late Tetroploid                        June 5th            5.5kgs             Abergain
Late Diploid                             June 10th          3.5kgs            Aberchoice
• This is the best grazing mixture formulation for Irish farms
– good spring growth and excellent digestibility.
• Very high digestibility – Abergain, Drumbo and Aberchoice all are top
varieties for their categories.
• Abergain is highest in its class for quality. Moorepark trials show that
it results in full graze-out ensuring great sward utilisation.
• If cutting in late May/early June, can used as a silage mixture.

2a. Intensive Grazing Mixture with Clover
Same as 2 above but with Clover added as required.
• If cutting in late May/early June, can used as a silage mixture.

3. Wetland Mixture
                                          HEADING DATES
Late Diploid                             June 3rd             4.5kgs         Glenveagh
Late Diploid                             June 2nd            4.5kgs         Majestic
Late Diploid                             June 5th             3.5kgs         Glenroyal
Clover                                                                0.5kg
4. Stitching or Over Seeding Mixture 100% Tetraploid

                                         HEADING DATES
Late Tetraploid                        June 2nd              6.0kgs         Astonenergy
Late Tetraploid                        June 8th               6.0kgs          Kintyre
• Big Seed to maximise germination.
• Graze every 14 days for the first 3 grazings.
• Suitable as a zero grazing mixture.

5. Bandon Economy Grass Mixture
                                         HEADING DATES
Late Tetraploid                        June 6th           4.0kgs           Navan
Late Diploid                             June 4th           5.0kgs           Tyrella
Late Diploid                             June 6th           2.0kgs           Clanrye
Clover                                                              0.5kgs
• General purpose mixture for grazing and silage swards.
• Tried and tested