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New Replacement Heifer Rearing Programme

Posted on: 17 Jan 2017

Bandon Co-op are delighted to launch their new Replacement Heifer Rearing Programme, designed to assist farmers to improve the efficiency of heifer rearing on farms by putting a greater focus on achieving weight gain targets from birth to calving at 24 months.

At present only 56% of heifers in the Bandon region calve between 22-26 months. A structured programme which will help you maximise profitability by calving heifers at their 24 month target weight. The programme is simple but its success will depend on:

  • Weighing heifers at three important stages – June (post-weaning), October (pre-housing), February (pre-breeding).
  • Reacting to the weighing’s by dividing and supplementing heifers accordingly.
  • Reaching the weight targets at the various stages outlined in the programme.

For further details, contact your local rep.