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First impressions last, and that really  applies to your home. 

From the front door through to the hallway, this is the first glimpse of your home for the visitor. The hall is more than a passage way to your rooms: it should be a place of welcome, interest and intrigue.

Small halls can be problematic, as light can be limited due to a solid front door and doors leading to reception rooms.  Think of how you use colour, what you display and always keep it free of clutter. Small spaces can be opened up by painting walls, ceilings and woodwork pure white or a soft white. This can be the perfect back drop for introducing touches of drama. 

Select an interesting runner rug for the hallway but always use non-slip rug underlay for safety. Choosing tiles or wooden floors across multiple rooms makes for a seamless transition and makes the space look bigger.

Finding the right stairs carpet or runner can be the crowning glory of your hallway, but it is not an easy task and can sometimes be pricey.  The impact of colour or design can transform the stairs. Investing in a good quality stairs carpet will pay dividends as it will wear for years. Multi-colour or pattern can be really good for ease of maintenance.

In small hallways it is not always possible to have furniture or lamps so add interest by using the walls as a gallery space.  Group pictures together, these can be in identical frames of black or white, or alternatively,  a mix of old frames can be quite edgy. Informal photos of family and friends of different generations are always of interest.

Deciding how to display can be daunting so place the pictures on the floor, mark out the amount of space available and play around with the spacing.  When you are happy with the formation of the display take a photo for reference and measure for hanging,

Picture ledges are very handy and a flexible way of displaying multiple pictures with few wall fixings. These could work particularly well over radiators and help to distract from the radiator by drawing the eye upwards. Precious collectible items can be interspersed on these shelves to make for a more interesting display. 

Long corridors, especially in bungalows, can be very dark. Products to introduce light such as roof bubbles/skylights can transform these areas by channelling light through a tube in the attic space. These can also work well over a dark stairs and landing provided you have safe access to the attic. It is always best to get a professional to fit such items. 

For dramatic effect paint  a rich colour on the end wall of a long corridor and hang a bright, engaging painting that will draw your eye when walking along the corridor.  Spot light the painting to make it glow at night. I tend to avoid mirrors in this location as you are simply reflecting walls and making the corridor look longer and less interesting.

The introduction of soft led lighting can also be very effective in creating areas of interest and highlighting displays. 

Wall paper can add luxury to any hallway.  If the space is small, look at paper with texture and subtle colour variations rather than loud pattern.  Tables adorned with flowers or glass lamps will always give a classic look.


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