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Cellcheck Online Videos

No matter how long you have been milking cows, there are always tips and tricks to pick up, that will make milking easier, quicker, more cow and milker-friendly and less likely to contribute to mastitis spread in your herd. Watch the CellCheck Milking Tip online to refresh and fine tune some of your milking routines and practices! CellCheck Milking Tips is a series of short milking technique videos (1-3 mins long) supporting the Cellcheck Farm Guidelines for Mastitis Control


The series of online videos cover:

  • Post-milking Teat Disinfection
  • Identifying Problem Cows
  • Changing Liners
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Less Mastitis=More profit
  • Reducing the Spread of Infection
  • Dry Cow Therapy.

Members of the CellCheck Technical Working Group, Don Crowley (Teagasc), Brendan Dillon (Glanbia) and Frank O’Sullivan (veterinary practitioner) explain and demonstrate practical hands-on methods to maximise the udder health of your herd. It’s suitable for everyone milking cows, including farmers who have milked for years, young farmers starting out, teenagers working on farm, farm relief staff and agricultural trainees.

It’s available now to watch online on the Animal Health website – click here.

There is also a link to the Teagasc milk quality page, which contains a series of video clips developed in partnership with AHI, of real-time milking in various parlour sizes and set-ups. Visit the Teagasc website here.