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Dairy Feeds

Our Dairy Feeds are designed to meet the needs of the modern cow whatever her breed, and to take account of yield, and time in cycle.The path to higher milk production requires quality nutrition right from the start — and right through to the end of lactation. With our range of Dairy Feeds we have perfected nutrition for dairy cattle. Our premium dairy feeds are specially designed to match the specific nutrient requirements of dairy cattle during each stage of the life cycle and every phase of production

The following are details of our dairy products.

24 Month Replacement Heifer

Formerly known as Super Replacement Heifer Rearer, this NEW AND IMPROVED 24 Month Replacement Heifer is now available!


Pre-Calver Ration

A high energy pre-calver ration that will promote maximum production right throughout the lactation.  The feeding of a pre-calver ration before calving will prime the dry cow’s rumen for milk production, ensure it is adapted to the feeding of concentrates, reduce the risk of metabolic diseases and promote higher intakes post calving.

Fertility Booster

Our Fertility booster is formulated from high energy raw materials and is proven to increase fertility, udder health and hoof health.

  • Maize, the number 1 ingredient
  • Contains Biotin which is proven to increase hoof strength & durability
  • Yeast promotes intakes, increases fibre digestion & promotes a healthy rumen
  • Rumen buffer minimises rumen pH variation which can severely depress milk solids production

Rumen booster

Rumen booster is specifically formulated to combat the issue of low butterfat levels in spring milk. It takes at least 2-3 weeks to counteract a drop in milk butterfat resulting in huge financial loss to the farmer. Rumen booster is designed to be fed, when cows are released to grass to avoid a potential drop in butterfat levels.

  • 14% high quality protein cube
  • High energy level from high maize 
  • High digestible fibre levels promote rumen activity and acetate production in order to increase milk butterfat levels
  • Conatains Equaliser which combines unique ingredients, including a proven rumen buffer and a fermentation product, and provides a two-pronged approach
  • Yeast included to stimulate growth and activity of fibre-degrading bacteria
  • Hi-spec dairy mineral to meet the cow’s daily requirements
  • Cal-mag to protect against grass tetany 

Standard Dairy
This feed is designed to meet the nutritional needs of high yielding, high compositional cows. It will balance most grass silage, or grass based situations. It is mineralized, molassed and made with quality assured raw materials. It is available in 16% or 18% protein, and in coarse or cube form.

Optilac Dairy
This range of feeds is designed for very high yielding cows. It will supply the nutritional requirements of cows producing in excess of 1,500 gallons, due to its high energy density coming from rolled maize, protected fat (Megalac) and rumen enhancers.
It is available in a range of protein levels, and in coarse or cube form