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Greenline Calf Starter - the number 1 choice for your calves this season.

At Bandon Co-op we now have three years’ experience of manufacturing Greenline Calf Starter and we are happy to report that many of our customers have experienced the benefits of feeding Greenline Calf Starter themselves for a full year and as a result are choosing it as there number 1 calf starter in 2017.  Sales to date have already seen a phenomenal increase on 2016 figures which is testament to the popularity and reliability of the product.

Why Greenline Calf Starter?

Greenline is a combination of natural ingredients that work together to maintain calf performance by helping with the early development of the immune system and digestive tract. If the calf remains healthier then instead of the immune system using up available energy the calf can use it for growth.

The two main problems with calves are scours and respiratory infections. Farmers using Greenline have significant benefits in both areas.

It cannot be over emphasised what a good start means to animal lifetime performance and therefore profits. To hit two year calving targets or when producing intensive bull beef every set back is one too many.       

Benefits of Greenline Calf Starter

  • Stimulates rumen development
  • Aids early development of the immune system
  • Attracts young to feed
  • Reduces lactic acid accumulation – therefore reduces incidence of bloat
  • Develops rumen papillae (i.e. increases absorptive capacity of the rumen)
  • Encourage increased intake

Where can you buy Greenline Calf Starter?

Greenline Calf Starter is available in a 25kg bag and is available to purchase at our Retail Centres in Kilbrogan, Kinsale and Enniskeane.  Available to purchase by bag or pallet at a very competitive price!