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Kinsale Pier Information

Shipping Agent Stevedors-  Bandon Co-op Tel.: (++)353 (0)21 4772300. After Hours: ++353 86 0806068.

Harbour Master - Julian Renault, Tel (++)85 8000 188. E-mail:

Kinsale Harbour - Lat. 51º42'N. Long. 8º31'W. (Admirality Chart No. 2053)

Harbour Entrance - Bulman Buoy S. Cardinal Buoy Q + LF(W) Ev. 15 secs.

Harbour Limits - Straight line due West of Hangman's Point at low water.

Pilotage - Pilot service not compulsory but highly advisable for cargo vessels.  Pilotage can be organised through Bandon Co-op.

Availability and Regulations- E.T.A. 24hrs in advance of arrival. V.H.F. Channels 16-14. Pilot aboard at Bulman Buoy WP.

Frequency- Vessels approaching call Pilot Station on Channel 16 and then switch to Channel 14.

Anchorages - (AC 2053) 4 Cables S. of Bulman Buoy. Off Lower Cove in line with Charles Fort.Dept 6.7 m L.W. Off Middle Cove.
Inner Harbour. Not in main channel and not near Pier Head.

Marinas- Kinsale Yacht Club Marina Tel: (++) 353 (0)21 4772196. VHF Ch 37
Castle Park Marina Tel: (++) 353 (0)21 4774959. VHF Ch 6
Trident Marina Tel: (++) 353 (0)21 4774145 . VHF Ch 9
Website :
The three marinas are fully serviced with visitors berths available.
There are a limited number of visitors swinging moorings available.
Harbour dues are payable on all vessels entering Kinsale Harbour.

Commercial Vessels Restrictions-  Vessels up to 92m. L.O.A. Draft 1.5m. on top of predicted height of tide.
Berth at H.W. only. 

Commercial Berth - NAABSA berth. Starboard Side Pier Head (Customs Quay). Length of quay - 82.  Depth M.H.W.S.T. 6.10m. M.L.W.N.T. 2.74m.

Tidal Range & Rate - Springs 4.3m. Neaps 3.2m. Dockwater density 1025. 1.5 and 3 knots depending on Spring / Neap tides.

Average Cargo Worked- 2,000t - 2,500t / day. Quick turnaround.

Working Week- Working hours from 08.00 hours to 18.00 hours Monday to Friday. Overtime can normally be arranged.

Weather- (Irish Met Service),
www.meteo.Fr/ (French weather site for a 5 day forecast for the Cork Area.) (Weather buoy situated 10 miles south of the Fastnet)

Prevailing Winds- S'Westerly

Fresh Water- Ex. Pier Head Hydrant. Both Marinas.

Power Supply Points- 220V.

Cork Airport- 19km. (14 miles) Cork City 29km. (18 miles)

Time Zone- G.M.T.: Summertime = G.M.T. plus 1 hour. (April to October)

Repairs-  Full Facilities Available, details available on request.

Authority- Cork County Council.