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Stevedoring and Storage Specialists

Bandon Co-op offer a stevedoring and shipping agency service through the port of Kinsale in Co. Cork.  In addition we offer a large storage facility in Kinsale, just a short distance from the port.

Kinsale Port was recently upgraded thanks to an investment of €1.1m by Cork County Council. Following the development of the pier in 2014, Bandon Co-op were instrumental in facilitating the return of the first commercial ship to Kinsale, the “Swami” in March 2015 discharging 3,800 tonnes of fertiliser, as the licensed stevedores for Kinsale Port.

Swami being discharged in March 2015.

Kinsale is a traditional commercial port with a long history. It has a splendid, virtually land locked natural harbour on the estuary of the Bandon River, eleven nautical miles South West of Cork harbour entrance about eight kilometres north-northeast of the Old Head of Kinsale. Both the outer and inner harbours cover approximately five square kilometres, providing good shelter and anchorage. 

There is a range of bulk and bag handling equipment at the Pier to suit a variety of cargos including fertiliser, grain, coal, cement, timber etc.

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FRI Porsgrunn being discharged in May 2017

Arklow Cape being discharged in February 2017

In addition to the stevedoring service, Bandon Co-op also have large dry storage facilities at our Kinsale site, ideally suited to storing grain, animal feed ingredients or fertiliser.

Stevedoring and storage is an integral part of the business plan for Bandon Co-op going forward showing steady growth over the last number of years.

Bandon Co-op welcomes proposals from commercial importers and exporters, along with owners of leisure craft, to use the strategically located port of Kinsale. 

MV Wilson 2 being discharged in October 2016.

Marry-S being discharged in November 2016.

For more information on our Stevedoring service contact 021 4772300 or email us at