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Sustainable Fuel Choices

More and more people are choosing sustainable options when lighting fires this winter. We have all become more aware of carbon emissions, air pollution and renewable sources. However, we still want products that perform well and produce the maximum amount of heat in our homes.

Bandon Co-op is responding to changing customer demands and this winter sees the addition to the fuel range of more sustainable fuel options. Maintaining its reputation for value, the pricing at Bandon Co-op is unbeatable and the famous fuel sale has been increased to two weeks (Oct 10th – 24th), giving customers more opportunities to safely visit their stores in a post-Covid retail environment.

Some of the new products include:


Superburn Xtra Smokeless Coal - offering superb heat output and perfect for stoves or open fires.

Compared to regular house coal, Superburn Xtra smokeless solid fuels are more efficient, lasting significantly longer and producing a smaller amount of carbon dioxide (typically up to 25% less) as it burns. This is mainly as a result of its higher heating efficiency.

Superburn Smokeless coal complies with government regulations and it can be used within the designated smokeless areas.

  • Top Grade Smokeless Fuel
  • 100% Manufactured Ovoids
  • High Heat Output
  • Can be used in open fires and closed appliances
  • Complies with Smokeless Fuel Regulations


Balcas Wood Pellets

Ideal for use on wood pellet boilers and stoves.

Balcas wood pellet fuel conforms to the highest quality standards in the market, with an extremely low moisture and ash content. Users of this high-grade product can expect:

  • Up to 40% savings on annual energy bills
  • Reduced Carbon emissions
  • Low CO2 content
  • Low ash content 0.3%
  • Guaranteed minimum heat value


Kiln Dried Wood

Ideal for wood burning stoves, open fires or fire pits.

Firewood needs to be low in moisture to burn well and to produce maximum heat. From when the drying process is complete, kiln dried firewood is never exposed to any dampness during packaging, transport or delivery. This results in a consistently reliable product. With a quality product such as this, there will be no smouldering in the fire causing blackening of the glass, since the wood has been dried right through to the centre. With properly dried firewood, you’ll get logs that light easily and burn for longer with higher heat.


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