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The Lowdown on Seed Potatoes in Ireland


First Earlies Seed Potatoes:

These can be sown in mid-March to mid-April and are small crops that mature fast, allowing you to sow a second crop later in July

Second Earlies Seed Potatoes:

These are slower, taking 16-17 weeks to mature. They can be harvested between July and September. Varieties include Queens and Orlas

Main crop Seed Potatoes:

The largest and longest in the ground, the mains are sown from mid-April onwards and can be harvested late into Autumn. Varieties include Golden Wonder, Kerr's Pink and Record

Seed Potato Varieties Chart


Potatoes like deep, fertile soil with a low ph of approx 5.5. If you are unsure of your soil ph, we provide soil test kits and tips and advice on how to improve your soil
Locate your vegetable garden with exposure to lots of sunlight and in a sheltered location that is not exposed to strong winds and not in a low-lying frost pocket