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April Managment Tips

Manage BCS Loss

Regardless of diet, cows will lose condition after calving as they go into NEB (Negative Energy Balance). The key is to keep this body condition loss to a minimum in order to maximise the cow’s chances of going back in-calf. This can be achieved by getting cows out to grass at every opportunity while also supplementing them with a high energy feed such as Bandon Co-op’s Fertility Booster ration.


Beware of Underfeeding

Low milk protein ≤3.0% is usually a sign of insufficient energy intake by the cow
In early lactation butterfat : protein ratio should be no greater than 1.4:1 (eg. with protein at 3.1%, butterfat should not exceed 4.34%). If butterfat is higher than this it is an indication that energy intake is low and the cow is mobilising fat from her body to compensate.