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Christmas T.V. adverts have been aired and the countdown is on. Christmas lovers will delight at the arrival of decorations in stores.  It is the perfect time of year to move away the classy ornaments and replace with Santa and seasonal decorations, reawaken the child within.

Make a welcome from the front door right through your house.  It has never been easier to create that perfect welcome with an array of lights and garlands. Battery lights are ideal for decorating wreaths and garlands with no need for cables and many sets have censors and timers so no need to remember to turn them on and off daily e.g. Time Smart lights available at all Bandon Co-Op stores in various sizes and colours.

Outdoor lights in cool or warm whites draped on scrubs or trees will transform your garden into a winter wonderland. Instead of candles use tiny copper lights in lanterns for your porch or patio. See here for a similar product 

For a quirky garden mix different types of lights for a fun twist that children will love.

Placing candles in the windows at Christmas is a lovely tradition but is a serious fire hazard so instead use battery operated wax candles to get the look without risk, use these also in unattended rooms or hallways.  It is of course hard to beat genuine wax candle in your living room on mantles and fill an unused fireplace with pine cones and candles for ambience. Huge selection of both battery operated and wax candles are available at Bandon Co-op stores.

Bandon Co op stores have a wonderful range of wooden village houses this year varying from churches to rustic houses. Let your imagination run free to create a display on a side or hall table, add snowflakes and carol singer figures for a wonderful winter village display. 

One of the greatest joys at Christmas is sharing gifts with loved ones. Beautifully packaged gifts give extra joy so make them extra special this year with imaginative packaging.  Use seasonal wrapping or plain papers and finish with ribbons, twine, cinnamon sticks and cones.  Wrap early and enjoy these packages under the tree until the big day.

Think of giving practical gifts like cooking utensils or kitchen wares as these will be useful long after the decorations are packed away. 

Now that the decorating is complete it is time to unearth the cookie cutters.  Spicy pies and seasonal cookies served with mulled wine and shared in good company is the ultimate Christmas treat. Happy decorating!






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