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Autumn palette

Autumn is truly here as we watch the leaves turning shades of red and gold and tumbling to the ground. There is nothing more satisfying than walking on dry, crisp leaves, hearing the scrunch beneath your feet.  Driving through tree lined roads can be magically with dappled light shining on beautiful autumnal colours. This is also the time to pick nuts, cones and leaves and  dry them in preparation for Christmas décor

Yellows, oranges and reds are the warm palette of nature and can be added into our homes to keep us cosy for the long winter ahead. Fill vases with branches of berries or dried coloured leaves to bring the autumnal colours indoors.

Comfort is the key word in autumn. Terracotta, antique gold and rusts can be themed with soft creams or added to the cooler palette of greys. 

Layer your scheme with the addition of rugs, cushions and luxurious throws to wrap around on those cold nights. Take inspiration from the grasses and branches. 

The flicker of the flame in the hearth is the most welcoming feature on long cold nights.  

Add large wicker baskets of logs, candles and the soft light of lamps for a really cozy welcome. 

As we all become more conscious of the sustainable energy rating of our homes the open fireplace is being replaced by stoves.  Stoves can be multi fuel, gas or wood burning, they are available in traditional or contemporary designs and in a range colours and finishes. See in store at Bandon Co-op for a fantastic range of stoves.

By adding interesting shelving with lighting the chimney breast can be extended into an imaginative centre in any room. While strong colour on the walls makes this stove look sharp and contemporary.

If you are lucky enough to have a large opening in your chimney breast the stove can set back. The recess can simply be painted, tiled or use reclaimed brick for a rustic look.  A rustic beam or chunky oak mantle will set off this look. 

See in store for paint samples and talk to our expert staff for ideas on colour relating to any of the above photos.


Acknowledgments: Stanley, HWAM, Vivienne Westwood, Clarisse Hulse




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