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Children’s Bedrooms

Creating a vibrant space in a child’s room can be so much fun.  Few rooms can be designed with so much colour. Inspiration can come from fabric, bedlinen, toys or a favourite cartoon. Using strong colour can be overwhelming for some so use it sparingly on a feature wall or sections of a room to create drama.  

This aqua colour mixes well with orange, green, blues and reds and is suitable for all ages. Similar colour in the Dulux range is Crystal Surprise 2.

Intense colour such as pink Fuschia Falls 1 is broken with a diagonal stipe of neutral colour Chiffon White 4. This creates a dynamic feature and can be used as a back drop for notice boards or pictures.

Old furniture can be transformed by paint. See in store for a huge range of Furniture Paint, Chalk Paint and Spray Paint in a wide range of colours.  This traditional cabinet looks amazing when painted in mint and mixed with pinks. Use wallpaper on one wall to add depth. 

This type of antique storage unit can be bought cheaply at auction and they are usually very sturdy with good storage.

Pine beds and lockers can be transformed by painting. This bed painted in soft pink could be adapted many times simply by changing the colour.

Soft Lilac is a lovely backdrop and works for all ages.  This irregular panelling could easily be replicated using flooring boards which come in many finishes and are hard wearing. Soft washed oak would be very suitable giving a worn fence appearance. See in store for options in our Flooring range.

If you are not naturally artistic don’t worry, DECALS are a simple way to enliven walls. There are numerous types available to buy but you could make your own by cutting shapes from coloured paper.  These little owls, elephant and tree are easy to make and a fun way to include your children in the make-over of the room.

When designing your child’s room remember the time for sleep-overs will come.  Bunks and multi-use units are ideal space savers while allowing for extra bed space.  Clever design of stair space to the upper bunk can become drawers for storage while a spare mattress can slide under the bed. 


Storage is always a priority in children’s rooms as they accumulate so many toys.  Think of dual purpose storage such as a chest that can double as a play surface. Always ensure storage is easy accessible and safe for use.  Leave higher shelves for items not in regular use by children. Plenty of storage in a room will help to avoid toys strewn across the floor when not in use and help to make the room safer by avoiding trip hazards.

Rita O’Driscoll

Interior Designer





Credits: James Lloyd Illustration; Harlequin; John Lewis; Lego; Bunks; Ikea.


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