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Lavender is a super addition to any garden. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they are wonderfully tactile and a must for sensory gardens. Often, when you run your fingers through the foliage the scent lingers long after. Beneficial insects like bees and butterflies go mad for them!

There are a few different types, English lavender and its hybrids being the hardiest. The Spanish and French being a little less hardy. Excellent drainage is a must, especially through wet winters, the roots do not like sitting in wet ground. And they love a sunny spot in the garden, be it in a pot or the ground.

They don’t require much maintenance but now is a good time to give them a little haircut. Deadheading throughout the summer season ensures continued flowering. But come September it’s a good idea to give English lavender a proper prune. Using a secateurs, shears or a good scissors trim 1 - 2cm off the foliage. Do not cut into woody material as it will be unlikely to regenerate. With French and Spanish give the plants a light trim to keep it in shape.


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