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Can you believe it’s that time of year again, where we turn our attention to planning for next year’s garden? In particular, Spring bulbs. From delicate snowdrops in the depths of January to the wonderful purples and mauves of alliums in May, there is something for every garden.

Bulbs are so easy to grow. They are ideal for those new to gardening as you are guaranteed a good display. Their main requirement is a free draining soil or compost. They don’t like to sit in wet conditions. So, if you have a heavy clay soil be sure and add a layer of grit about 5cm/2inches for the bulbs to sit on. Incorporate grit into the soil used to cover the bulbs too, it will improve both the drainage and structure of the soil.

To extend the season of interest, bulbs can be layered at different depths. This works really well with pots. Place crocks or gravel for drainage at the bottom of your pot. Then fill to a third of the way with gritty compost and place the first layer of bulbs. The largest and latest flowering bulbs go in deepest, moving to the smallest and earliest in the top layer.  For example start with a layer of tulips, then daffodils and finally muscari. Adding a 5cm/2inch layer of compost between each of the different bulbs. Add some bonemeal to the compost to encourage strong root growth which in turn will reward you with strong flowering blooms.

As a rule of thumb when it comes to spacing, plant bulbs 3-4 times as deep as the bulb is wide. For example a 5cm/2 inch bulb should be planted 15-20cm/6-8 inches deep and 5-10cm/2-3 inches apart. The deeper they are planted the better chance of getting perennial flowering.

Our range of bulbs will be in store from the end of August. Keep an eye out for our great Spring Bulb Bonanza in September (follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date)

Be sure and call in to check it out, especially the beautiful new variety of Daffodil ‘Irish Mist’.


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