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It might not feel like Spring yet but we are fairly sure that Summer will come!

Here are some tips to get you motivated in the garden this month:

Protect new Spring shoots from slugs

Plant shallots, onion sets & main crop potatoes

Early potatoes can be placed indoors or in a tunnel for sprouting

Start sowing tomatoes, peppers and chillies

Top dress containers with fresh compost

Mow the lawn on a dry day

Sow hardy annuals & herb seeds

Protect fruit blossom from late frosts

Feed hungry shrubs & roses

Check greenhouses for signs of greenflies and other pests

Lawn Care

Lawns will be covered in moss after all the recent rain. Sulphate of Iron (€14.95 per 25kg) can be used to kill moss, which then needs to be raked.

If there are patches to reseed use Patchmagic. Alternatively a 3in1 Lawn feed, weed and mosskiller can be used, which is a good quick solution. Always apply evenly with a spreader.

Now is a good time to get your lawnmower serviced as a good sharp blade will result in better cutting of grass.

Never cut more than one-third of the height of your grass at any one time. Feed it 2-3 days after cutting with Evergreen Extra, Hygeia, 7-6-17 or Neudorff Cleanlawn

Jack's Magic All Purpose Compost

This compost by Westland is a specialy formulated, peat-based compost with organic fertiliser to give your plants a great start. It contains seaweed extract to improve root growth. Perfect for seed sowing, potting, flower beds etc.

Plant of the Season

Our plant of the season is Azalea Japonica White Rose Bud. This is a small evergreen shrub which flowers from May to June with a mass of beautiful flowers. It needs acidic soil so should be planted in ericaceous compost or brown gold. It grows to 60cm and likes full sun or partial shade. It's currently on special offer 2 for €15.

Don't forget, our horticulturalists are on hand in our Garden centres to answer any queries you have about your own garden


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