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Get the luscious green lawn you always dreamed of this year!

Now is the time to start since the ground will be starting to warm up.

Here are our top tips:

  1. Start your regular grass cutting to keep your grass healthy
  2. Kill moss and feed your lawn all at once with an organic based lawn fertiliser such as Hygeia Green Force Lawn Gold . This product is ideal and easy to use since treated moss does not need to be raked
  3. Feeding will also increase the vigour of your lawn (apply when the soil is wet or when rain is forecast)
  4. Do not apply Spring or Summer treatments after August as they contain too much nitrogen for lawns in Autumn
  5. If we are lucky enough to get a heatwave (!), water your lawn when the soil is dry, not when the grass starts to turn yellow/brown 
  6. Spring is a good time to repair any damage caused by pests, diseases or mechanical damage
  7. Patchy areas or areas affected by moss growth can be oversown to increase grass growth in those areas (remember to sow lawn seed when rain is forecast to wash the seed down to soil level)
  8. Consider having your lawnmower serviced in Spring to get better results (to see a selection of our lawnmowers click here)

Remember if you aren't too sure what way to treat or maintain your lawn, call into one of our Garden Centres and discuss with one of our on-site horticulturalists. They can recommend the right product for you.

Here is a sample of the huge range of lawn products in stock at Bandon Co-op now!


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