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Product Code: 02306568

Price: €74.95

Healthy way of cooking with non stick surface and drip tray

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Product details

This grill isn’t just a cooking tool. It’s a good-looking bit of kit – a sleek and sophisticated supermodel that’ll make any counter look chic.

With nothing to separate the cooking surface from the heating element, this grill gets up to temperature fast.

Short on space? No problem. Designed to be stored upright, this grill can fit into every and any kitchen, no matter how tight storage is.

Remove up to 42% fat.

Please note colour may vary. 

How To

Sit your grill on a stable, level, heat-resistant surface, away from cupboards, curtains, etc. • Slide the drip tray between the two runners underneath the front of your grill. Slide the tray all the way in. The drip tray will collect any fat or juices that run off the plates during cooking. 4 1. Put the plug into the power socket. The power light will come on. 2. The grill plates will now start heating up. 3. When the thermostat light comes on your grill is at the correct cooking temperature. 4. The thermostat light will cycle on and off as the thermostat operates to maintain the temperature. 5. Open your grill and carefully lay the food on the bottom grill plate. Close the grill. 6. When you have finished cooking unplug your grill. • Check that the food is cooked. If you’re in any doubt, cook it a bit more. • Always use an oven glove when opening or closing the grill, or placing or removing food. • Use wooden or plastic utensils to prevent damage to the plates. • The grill hinge is articulated to accommodate thick or oddly shaped foods. • The grill plates should be roughly parallel to avoid uneven cooking. • When necessary, use an oven glove and empty the drip tray into a heatproof bowl. Wipe it with kitchen paper then slide it back between the runners under the front of your grill.

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