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Deosan Target Teatfoam Plus is a pre and post milking teat disinfectant that works quickly. Deosan Target Teatfoam Plus contains a potent combination of 6000ppm Chlorhexidine and 1000ppm Amphoteric biocides, for a total concentration of 7000ppm, which meets the stringent microbial testing requirements for teat disinfection. By killing bacteria in 30 seconds, it outperforms the EN1656 test. Straph. aureus, Strep. uberis, and E.coli bacteria are included in the test.

  • A new environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable surfactant base ensures that the product produces the clinging solution required to quickly remove dirt from the teats. It also has the same level of skin conditioning to keep your teats in good condition, and it looks and feels the same
  • When used prior to milking, the advanced formulation quickly removes soil, allowing for optimal teat disinfection
  • When used after milking, the power and combination of sanitatios provides the best protection against bacterial threats
  • Strong dual-action sanitation provides more disinfection action on teats.
  • Application options include dip, spray, and foam.
  • Produces clinging foam more easily
  • 200 Litre
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