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Smokeless Coal

Smokeless coal offers a up to 33% more heat than traditional coal and can also burn up to a massive 40% longer.

Smokeless coal or Coal without Smoke is a safe and environmentally friendly fuel. It provides a clean and economical heating solution for home owners. Bandon Co-op offers Smokeless Coal at low prices in-stores in Bandon, Kinsale and Enniskeane Ireland. We also offer safe eco-friendly fuel for homes and traditional logs and briquettes too.

From October 2022, the use of smoky coal is banned in Ireland, as they have been proven to be a major contributor to air pollution in the country. Please find more information on this and a guide to Smokeless Coal on our blog.

For more information on the environmental benefits of smokeless coal click here

To see the comparison in heat output and burning time between smokeless coal and traditional smoky coal, see the video here

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