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Calf Feeds

A successful calf rearing enterprise relies on giving calves a good start in life. Our Calf Feeds are specially formulated from palatable and highly digestible raw materials to encourage early uptake of feeds by the calf. High levels of vitamins and minerals ensure good skeletal growth and rumen development.

The following are details of our calf products.

Greenline Calf Starter

High Cereal Ration with 18% Protein.
This ration is specifically aimed at baby calves for the introduction period to concentrate feed. Ideally suited where you want to:

  • Improve immune status
  • Reduce incidence of scouring
  • Stimulate rumen development
  • Attract young to feed

Cooked Calf Starter
This specially designed feed can be fed from two days old. Cooked Starter intake should be 1kg per day for bucket reared calves by week 5.

Cooked Calf Starter contains a unique blend of cooked raw materials, feed enhancers, and a continuity of ingredients to minimise digestive upsets, and encourage rumen development. Feed ad lib until 8 to 10 weeks of age.

Calf to Grass
This feed is designed as a follow on from Cooked Calf Starter, we use similar ingredients so that there is a seamless change over.

Calf to Grass is ideal for dairy heifer rearing, which should be growing at 0.75kg per day. To achieve this gain, forage must be supplemented with concentrates during the winter months. Calf to Grass is the ideal supplement to achieve this growth.
Calf to Grass is available in coarse or cube form.

Replacement Heifer plus Fermenten
This is a specialist heifer replacement diet containing fermenten – a protein created during the production of lycine, it provides a unique source of amino acids, peptides and non-protein nitrogen. Heifers fed fermenten demonstrate a 21% increase in height, a 10% increase in weight, and an 18% increase in length.