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Poultry Feed

Our Poultry Feed range is nutrient focussed for overall flock health.  We have a precisely balanced consistent flow of nutrients in all our products allowing for peak performance specific to flock needs.

Our comprehensive range of Poultry Feed includes the following:

Poultry Feed

         Free Range Layers Pellets (Bags and Bulk)
         Free Range Layers Mash (Bulk)

Turkey Feed (Bags)

         Turkey Starter Crumb
         Turkey Grower Pellets
         Turkey Finisher Pellets
         Turkey Early Finisher Pellets

Broiler Feed (Bags)

         Broiler Starter Crumb
         Broiler Finisher Pellets

Selected bags are available from our Retail Centres. Due to the seasonal requirements of these products, not all products are available all year round.

For further information on current availability call 021 4772300.